Stunning, Elegant Stone Veneer Panels

Man Made Stone Veneer Panels with the Same Benefits as Natural Stone

stone_veneer_panels_imgDo you live within Ontario or Eastern Canada? Are you looking for a dynamic, compelling and creative way to enhance the look and feel of your property? StoneRox stone veneer panels are a unique, stylish, Canadian-made product, and can be easily installed on both interiors and exteriors. Specifically designed to protect your home throughout the most extreme Canadian climate conditions, they bring you the same benefits as natural stone without the significant production costs.

Our stone veneer panels are lightweight, durable, and adaptable; they are compatible with brick and act as a replacement for wood and stucco. These unique properties allow them to be installed in an efficient, time-effective manner with little hassle, and bring an excellent architectural finish to any surface, from the basement to the bedroom. StoneRox stone veneer panels give you nearly limitless options for renovating any room or creating & constructing a new project from scratch!

The look of our stone veneer panels is influenced by the architecture of Eastern Canada. All of our products are masked and molded by a professional mason, and they are created in a unique manner that results in stunning, rarely seen details that aren’t found with natural stone. With StoneRox, you’ll get homegrown, distinctly designed stone veneer panels that creatively complement any aspect of your property.

Canadian Made Stone Veneer Panels

stone_veneer_panels_img3StoneRox faux stone panels bring you the same durability as any natural stone, and can be installed on almost any surface. Their unique design is inspired by the vast, luxurious landscapes and architecture of Eastern Canada; each one is molded by a qualified mason, with sharp, stunning levels of detail that aren’t found in any other type of stone. We’re constantly on the lookout for new shapes and styles, and are always adding new faux stone panels to our distinct line of products.

A Quality Assurance Guarantee is included with our stone veneer panels to ensure they maintain their superior quality, strength and appearance. It promises that the strength, integrity, and durability of our products stay intact, and that there are no defects of the material during the production phase. If any defects are found, you’ll get a replacement, no questions asked!

See how our manufactured stone veneer panels can heighten the appearance of your architecture! For more information, contact us online or call us at (416) 798-7809 today!