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About StoneRox

Highest Quality Stone Veneer Products, Impeccable Service & Canadian Owned

“StoneRox came to market based on requests and encouragement from our builder clients, who are consistently looking for innovative products and unique looks”, said Mike Grace, President and owner of StoneRox. “We have researched the facing stone market and believe that with the improvements we have made, we will meet the needs of the Canadian Market by offering a facing stone made here for our climate.”StoneRox is a sister company to Wintergreen Ltd., which has already provided manufactured stone for twenty years with the Bradstone Trademarked products. Their reputation for quality products and service in the marketplace is unparalleled.”

As a privately owned company, we promise to offer the highest quality stone veneer products, impeccable service and work with the utmost integrity as we have over the past twenty years. Our experience has earned us an outstanding reputation: we have been awarded the Greater Toronto Home Builders/UDI Association, Member of the Year in 2006, and 2007, and in December 2019, we were awarded The Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year by the Building Land Development.

The StoneRox Advantage

  1. Canadian Made In Ontario which reduces transportation emissions and benefits our environment

  2. Versatile and functional for both renovations and new construction

  3. Fire resistant

  4. For renovations and/or re-facing projects

  5. Can be applied over any sound surface

  6. Lightweight and Installer friendly

  7. Virtually maintenance-free and will look great for years to come

  8. Can be installed in assorted patterns

  9. Has the appearance of a non-coursed stone

  10. Styles and colours can be combined to create an authentic appearance

  11. Distinct styles are produced in various shapes, sizes and textures and can be mixed

  12. Available in a full array of blended natural colours native to Eastern Canada

  13. Manufactured to CSA Standards to meet the needs of the Canadian Market


Quality Assurance Guarantee

Architectural Accents Inc. provides a Quality Assurance Guarantee for StoneRox Products, on the strength, structural integrity, and durability and against any defects in the material and/or workmanship in the production.

The Quality Assurance Guarantee assures that the StoneRox Products will:

  1. Retain its structural strength, integrity, and durability

  2. Protect the building structure through Canadian climactic weather conditions

  3. Is manufactured to industry standards and meets Canadian Specification Guidelines, see Installation Guide

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee is a commitment to ensure the highest quality product possible. If StoneRox Product is installed according to specifications and becomes structurally defective, the product will be replaced. This guarantee does not include installation costs.

StoneRox Products will be guaranteed to the original owner and can be transferred to subsequent owners on written request for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase. Valid proof of purchase will be required, bill of sale or delivery slip. Response by a StoneRox representative or agent to notice of claim will be a maximum of 14 days.

Architectural Accents Inc. will not be responsible for the following:

  1. Installation not in compliance with applicable building codes

  2. Negligence on the part of the customer, owner of the building or installer

  3. Damage caused by Acid-based cleaning products

  4. Damage caused by salt-based de-icing products

  5. Excessive power cleaning techniques which may be detrimental to the face of the finished product – Damage deemed to be caused by an Act of God.

Sustainable Design Commitment

  1. Durable Building: Bradstone and StoneRox have proven durability that results in waste reduction and conservation of resources over the Building Life Cycle
  2. Local & Regional Material Use: Using Canadian-manufactured masonry products reduces CO2 emissions and air pollutants resulting from transportation

  3. Optimize Energy: Thermal Mass inherent to masonry products

  4. Building Reuse: Older masonry buildings and structures can be restored and renewed, rather than demolished, therefore providing the required durability

  5. Construction Waste Management: Due to the modularity of masonry, site waste is minimized

  6. Maintenance: Durable and no finishing coatings are required, thus less cost to the owner

  7. Weight: StoneRox is half the weight of the natural stone, reducing shipping costs

  8. Fire Resistance: Products are fire resistant and non-combustible with zero flame spread

  9. Innovative Design: Flexible design, indigenous to the Ontario landscape in both colours and styles

  10. Contribution to Air Quality: Bradstone and StoneRox products preserve and improve air quality

  11. Economic Value: Purchasing local products impacts the local economy through taxation, labour for the manufacturing facilities as well as the local suppliers of raw materials and transportation costs.

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