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The Structural Miracles of StoneRox Faux Stone

Canadian Made, Hand Crafted Faux Stone Panels

faux_stone_imgStoneRox is proud to provide elegant, extravagant solutions for turning your home or business into an awe-inspiring piece of stone art. Our Canadian-made faux stone can create the ideal design, whether it’s external landscape or internal construction, and ensure maximum durability for any climactic conditions. With a vast range of shapes, sizes, and colours, we’re stocked to cater to anyone’s tastes, from corporate hub to cozy home.

Many elements need to be evaluated when executing a stone project for your structure. Using natural stones can be expensive, with greater production times required; StoneRox faux rock siding is lightweight and simple to set up, resulting in reduced cost and labour. It also boasts the same benefits as natural stone, with a look that’s influenced by the distinct, luxurious lands of Eastern Canada.

StoneRox faux stone can be installed on most surface types. It’s easy to combine with faux brick, and can act as a replacement for concrete, stucco, and wood. Since we use a professional mason to mask and mold our products, we’re able to bring them a lush level of detail that normally goes unseen on their natural counterparts. Choosing our faux stone means choosing a structural miracle for your property, with flawless features you won’t find on any other type of rock.

Canadian Made Faux Stone

faux_stone_panelsStoneRox siding is manufactured according to industry best practices and meet the Canadian Specification Guidelines. If you detect any flaws in your product, we will happily replace the product free of charge. We are committed to bringing a perfect product to the marketplace and look forward to bringing an array of elegance to your home.

StoneRox faux rock siding is masked and molded by a professional mason, and the distinct beauty found in the landscapes of Eastern Canada inspires its design. We take pride in bringing our valued customers a brilliantly detailed, homemade product, with the breathtaking beauty of Atlantic Canada at its heart. Our rock siding also has the potential to be installed just about anywhere, and can be combined with brick while acting as a replacement for wood and stucco.

We’re proud to provide our valued customers with a Quality Assurance Guarantee for all of our faux stone products. The goal is to ensure they retain their structural strength, integrity and durability, with zero defects during any phase of their creation. It’s also a promise that they’ll provide full climatic protection and retention of their material texture.  If any defective materials are found in our faux stone products, they will be replaced, free of charge.

Transform your home or business into a masterpiece with our faux stone products! For more information, contact us at 416-798-7809 today!