Manufactured Stone Veneer from StoneRox

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StoneRox is a leading provider in some of the most dramatic and compelling stone products that are available in Canada.  We proudly serve over 75 locations within Ontario and Eastern Canada.  A stone veneer can be a great addition when building and redesigning your home or business.

The art of a stone veneer can revamp such structures as fireplaces, door entrances, chimneys, garage doors, and many other structures.  A property owner can also enjoy the same effects as natural stone, since it has many similar benefits and can be installed internally and externally.

StoneRox provides property owners with easy-to-install, stunningly designed manufactured stone veneer, a made-in-Canada product that boasts the same benefits as natural stone. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, they add a dynamic impression to any environment, with a huge selection of sizes, shapes and colours that cater to everyone’s tastes. StoneRox guarantees quality with beautifully manufactured stone veneer that are affordable, durable, and able to combine with brick, wood or stucco.

StoneRox Stone Veneer is a Great Alternative to Natural Stone

Manufactured StoneNatural stone veneer provides a great design concept, but many property owners find the substantial cost discouraging.  StoneRox eliminates this obstacle by providing manufactured stone veneers that are more affordable, while just as compelling as natural stone.

They can be placed on any surface, internally or externally, and require little maintenance even during the most extreme weather conditions.  Our products are also made of a lightweight material that can protect your home as effectively as its natural counterpart.

Our manufactured stone siding is not to be confused with those inferior stone imitations that are available on the market.

We create our stone siding from local aggregates, cement, and fixing properties to hold colour and create a realistic, attractive, natural looking stone that you’ll be proud to have on your home.

StoneRox comes with a Quality Assurance Guaranteemanufactured_stone

Canadian weather can be challenging and tough on your home. We guarantee that our manufactured stone siding is designed to handle the rigours of a northern winter, and to look beautiful while doing it. We guarantee that it will maintain its structural strength, integrity and durability. It will serve to protect your building from our Canadian weather conditions. You can also rest assured that our manufactured stone siding meets building code standards, is approved by the CSA and is fire resistant.

StoneRox products come with a Quality Assurance Guarantee. This ensures our products meet the industry standard on strength, integrity, durability, and that they are protected against any defects in the material during the production process. We also promise that they will retain structural strength, protect homes through climatic weather conditions, and retain their beautiful texture over time. If you purchase manufactured stone veneer from us and they are found to be defective, they will be replaced, no questions asked.

StoneRox manufactured stone veneer are a simple, stunningly beautiful method of adding a distinctly unique style to your home or business. For more information on our products, contact us online or call us at (416) 798-7809 today!