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Welcome to StoneRox, a superior stone veneer from Architectural Accents, Inc. that’s designed for both residential and commercial properties. We make building and renovation simple & affordable with Canadian-made products that are lightweight, easy to install, and able to create distinctive, individual features, inside or outside. Built mainly for use on structural exteriors, they’re applicable over most sound surfaces and can be combined with brick, wood or stucco to create brilliantly stunning additions to your home or office. Whether you’re looking to bring new style to your siding or remodel your rooms, our stone veneer is a perfect fit for a project of any size!

We utilize a unique process to create the characteristic look and design of our stone veneer. In order to get the most realistic results, we purchase regional stones and have a mason dress them, which means they are perfectly shaped for moulding. We then make a mask of each one, which allows our products to bring out the fine, rarely seen details in natural stones. New varieties of stone veneer panels are continuously added to our line, meaning you can mix and match until you find the style that suits your property.

Stunning, beautifully designed faux stone and rock siding products

StoneRox gives you endless options for encasing your space with a stunning selection of beautifully designed stone faux stone. Our products are guaranteed to bring relaxing harmony to any part of your home or office, whether you’re renovating and reconstructing your exterior walls or building a beautiful backyard oasis, and allow you to choose from an always expanding list of different shapes, sizes and styles. As a proudly Canadian company, we create our faux rock siding to be coloured in a manner that reflects Eastern Canada, and study the designs of historic stone buildings such as farmhouses and churches for inspiration.

We also offer a Quality Assurance Guarantee, which assures our faux rock siding will retain its structural strength and texture, protect your building as the seasons and climates change, and meet Canadian Specification Guidelines, as it is manufactured to industry standards. We’re deeply commited to bringing you a product that’s as rich in superior quality as it is in detail and beauty, and work to match this promise by replacing any products that become defective after installation. Choose our faux rock siding for a beautiful, long-lasting and highly durable way to decorate your property!

How is StoneRox different from traditional stone veneer?

StoneRox is uniquely crafted & manufactured, and has a number of features that set it apart from traditional stone veneer:

  • Canadian-made: While many brick veneer products are made in the United States, StoneRox is created and manufactured in Canada, giving property owners in the great white north a homemade option for their buildings. We’re constantly studying traditional buildings and stone for new ideas and designs.
  • Reflects & recreates Eastern Canadian architecture and landscape: Many of the designs we create are inspired by the historic buildings and breathtaking landscapes of eastern Canada, further adding to the homemade touch we bring consumers.
  • Adaptable to Canadian climates: Our products have the durability to sustain and withstand the changes of the Canadian climate, giving you long-lasting results and guaranteed quality all year round.
  • More emphasis on exteriors: While our products can be used for the inside and outside of buildings, much like traditional stone veneer, StoneRox specializes in the creation and construction of beautifully designed exteriors for properties.

StoneRox brings property owners easy, affordable, and brilliantly designed options for decorating any aspect of their building, with features that aren’t offered with traditional stone veneer. For more information on how our high quality stone veneer can bring new life to your land, contact us online or give us a call at (416) 798-7809 today!



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