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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is StoneRox?
    StoneRox is a thin veneer manufactured stone; it is lightweight: 8-10 pounds per square foot and is made from lightweight aggregates, Portland cement, coloured pigments and a variety of admixtures.
  • Where is StoneRox made?
    StoneRox is made in Stouffville, Ontario. It is a Canadian Made product manufactured to meet the needs of the marketplace.
  • How does StoneRox differ from Traditional Stone?
    Traditional Stone is 4” deep and requires a foundation for installation, while StoneRox is 1 – 1 1⁄2 inches deep and can be installed over most sound surfaces, inside or out. Because StoneRox is lightweight and no structural footings are required, it is ideal for renovations. StoneRox can also be laid in a random pattern and will not have the same coursed appearance as most traditional stone.
  • Do I need a Rain Screen for Exterior Applications?
    Building codes vary as to whether is this required, but yes we recommend a rain screen be used. Please refer to our Exterior Installation Guide for details.
  • What is a rain screen system?
    A rain screen system provides proper ventilation and drainage between the moisture barrier and exterior wall and helps eliminate mold growth and moisture issues.
  • Does StoneRox meet Building Code Approvals?
    Yes, StoneRox is manufactured to strict CSA specifications.
  • How much does StoneRox cost?
    The cost will vary depending on the style and the number of flats versus the number of corners required for the project. Your local dealer will be able to assist you in calculating an estimate.
  • How is StoneRox Sold?
    StoneRox is sold by the square foot; corners are sold by the vertical foot. They are packaged in boxes of 100 square feet. Small handy packs are also available.
  • Can I install StoneRox myself?
    Yes, depending on the type of project, however, a qualified installer will have the ability to complete your project much quicker and more efficiently.
  • Can the colours be mixed?
    Yes, blending the colour range will create a unique effect. If you chose to blend colours, decide on the percentage of each colour and ensure these percentages are spread across the wall surface uniformly.
  • Will the colours fade?
    No, the colouring process is detailed and high-grade pigments are used to ensure that colours remain constant.
  • Can the styles be combined?
    Yes, best-combined styles are Cobble Stone with Field Stone and Mountain Ledge with Dry Stack Stone. Combining styles will provide you with a distinctive appearance. If you choose to combine, be sure to layout the stones first and decide on the percentage mix before beginning.
  • Can StoneRox be used for New Construction?
    Yes, StoneRox can be used in new construction, no foundation will be required. An added benefit that interior space will be an additional 3” around the perimeter.
  • My existing house has siding; can I reface with StoneRox?
    Yes, the process will include removing the existing siding down to the Wood Sheathing, followed by the Moisture Barrier, Rain Screen, Metal Lath, Scratch Coat, application of StoneRox and finishing with a Mortar Joint. See Exterior Installation Guide for exact details.
  • I have a brick house and want to change the look with StoneRox; is it possible?
    Yes, StoneRox can be applied over masonry, concrete or stucco surfaces. Follow the applicable section in the Installation Guide.
  • Can StoneRox be used to repair old, worn or spalling brick?
    Yes, by applying a scratch coat over the existing brick as per our Exterior Installation Guide, this will create a sound surface for the application of StoneRox.
  • Can I use StoneRox inside?
    Yes, StoneRox is ideal for interior applications due to its lightweight property. See Interior Installation Guide for details.
  • Can I install directly onto Dry Wall?
    No, as Drywall is not a sound surface and will absorb moisture.
  • I have an old fireplace I would like to update; can I put StoneRox over top?
    Yes, StoneRox can be applied to any existing sound surface; details are provided in the Interior Installation Guide.
  • Can I view completed projects?
    By request, we offer a geographical list of exterior projects only. Please respect the privacy of the owners as the list only includes those projects that may be viewed from public access.
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