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Below is an assortment of videos that feature StoneRox. You can navigate down the page and play each video individually.

Watch on as StoneRox Sales Director Derek Saracini discusses how to properly install thin stone veneer. Better known as our manufactured stone veneer.

Take a look at StoneRox's natural stone panels and manufactured stone veneer on display at the Fall Cottage Life Show.

StoneRox Sales Director Derek Saracini hops on the Real Estate Talk Show to discuss the StoneRox product offering. Tune in to hear Derek's thoughts surrounding thin clay brick, screw-on stone, and more.

StoneRox makes it easy to renovate your home with our luxurious but affordable stone. Take a look at this DIY "installation guide" and find out how to elevate the exterior of your home and its curb appeal.

StoneRox uses superior stone veneer that's designed for both residential and commercial properties. We make building and renovation simple & affordable with Canadian-made products. Our natural stone veneer, among our other products, could fulfill your dreams. Take a look at this renovation and how this couple fell in love with StoneRox and their new-look backyard. 

Looking to make your own backyard oasis? StoneRox can help! Take a look at this exterior renovation and watch on as this couple falls in love with their new backyard.

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