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The Top Stone Style and Colour Trends for 2020

We recently caught up with Derek Saracini, our expert sales consultant, to get his insights into the top trends we’ll be seeing in 2020 in the stone veneer world. Wondering what the top stone colours and styles for the New Year are, and how to pick the best stone veneer for your new home or renovation project? Read on…

What are the colours and styles of stone veneer that you expect to see a lot of in 2020?

With the increase in modern-style homes this year, we’ll continue with the trend of linear running stone styles to match the architecture. The stones will continue to have a smooth appearance and sharp edges.

In terms of colours, neutral tones will be very popular with the variations of greys, whites, blacks and beiges being most appealing. Styles that we carry that will match these trends are our Limestone and Urban Stack as well as our Dry Stack.

We have many colours that will continue to remain appealing, like our Loyalist Grey, Midnight Annex, Meaford Mist and Sandstone Beach. Our colours reflect the Canadian landscape because we’re a proud Canadian company.

To review our styles and colours more thoroughly, please check out our Products page.

What are some trendy applications of stone veneer that will be hot in 2020?

I predict that the trend of multiple claddings on the exterior of homes will continue to be popular: using stone as a focal feature on the exterior of any residential or commercial project, coupled with accenting it with other materials such as siding, stucco, and my favourite, brick. Sometimes having one single cladding type can be overwhelming, and I typically recommend accenting stone with something else to really get the beautiful look every homeowner wants to achieve.

Are there any 2020 stone veneer trends that you recommend avoiding, or that you think will become dated quickly?

It’s always difficult to say where exactly the trends will be in the upcoming years, so I wouldn’t say anything should be avoided. Masonry is an art and can be very subjective, so as long as the owner of the project is happy, that’s all that truly matters.

I will say that the trends seem to come from the U.S.A. and Europe, and we’re typically 5-10 years behind things that are popular there. I’ve seen the use of brighter colours become more and more prevalent, and that could be the way the industry may trend in years to come.

What are some 2020 trends in interior design that you’re excited about and how will they affect customers’ thin stone veneer or thin brick selections?

I see the utilization of masonry, whether that be thin brick or thin stone, becoming increasingly used as interior focal features. When people think of using brick or stone as an interior application, they typically only think of fireplaces. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s a little close-minded. These masonry products can be applied to any interior wall to create a beautiful feature, as well as on backsplashes or in bathrooms without the need to reinforce any floorboards or walls due to weight load, because all the products are very lightweight and versatile.

Does StoneRox have any new stone style or colour launches coming this year?

We’re currently in the preliminary phase of coming out with some new products to add to our line-up. It’s too early to say exactly what at this moment, but stay tuned! We can’t wait to show you the beautiful new products that StoneRox is creating.

Can you share some tips for helping customers find the right stone style and colour for their home or renovation project?

In my opinion, every project is different and everyone will have different tastes on what they want their project to look like. For a renovation project, it’s always important to match whatever exists on the house, whether that’s soffits, windows or garage doors etc. If it’s a new project, then you’re free to choose all new products to match or contrast. For an interior application, it’s vital to see what else will be in the room, whether that’s flooring, furniture or wall colours, and to make sure that your product choice reflects that.

What’s a surprising tip that every StoneRox customer needs to know, but may not have thought of?

Typically, when people think of stone and brick products, they think that they’ll be very heavy and difficult to work with. This is false. Our products are lightweight and can be easily utilized as interior and exterior applications. As an interior application, it’s even possible to be a DIY project that can be done by the homeowner. If you’re thinking of installing StoneRox inside, please refer to our Installation Guide to walk you through the application step by step.

What should customers keep in mind before buying StoneRox thin stone veneer and beginning their project?

The one thing I recommend would be to ensure that StoneRox is the right product for you. If your project has a support ledge, then StoneRox won’t be the most cost-effective product to use, because thin veneer stones don’t require this. In this case, you may want to consider our sister company Bradstone’s full-depth stone, which will give a beautiful look to this type of project.

If you require the product to be adhered to the project, then our Canadian-made products will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks, Derek! Where can people get in touch with you to learn more?

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me personally at 416-417-7929 or email me at and I will be sure to reply.

There you have it. Watch out for linear running stone styles to match 2020’s trend of modern architecture, neutral stone colours, multiple claddings, creative interior uses of stone and more!

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