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Can Stone Veneer Really Upgrade My Interior? Yes. Here’s How.

When people hear stone, they often think of homes’ exteriors and fireplaces – but our thin stone veneer goes way beyond that! As our expert sales consultant Derek Saracini mentioned in our recent blog post The Top Stone Style and Colour Trends for 2020, the use of masonry, whether that be thin brick or thin stone, is becoming increasingly used as interior focal features.

Interior applications of stone go way beyond fireplaces, too. These masonry products can be applied to any interior wall to create a beautiful feature, as well as on backsplashes or in bathrooms without the need to reinforce any floorboards or walls due to weight load, because all the products are very lightweight and versatile.

Stone brings warmth, charm and distinctive style to your interior design. It’s a great way to add a unique touch to your home. Plus, it’s a sure-fire conversation starter!

Read on to learn about various interior applications for StoneRox plus tips on how to integrate stone into your interior design.

Our favourite interior applications for StoneRox

Create a high-impact feature wall

Stone feature walls are show stoppers that immediately grab your attention. They add style and grace to any room. If you want to turn your home into a truly unique space that reflects your personality and taste, a stone feature wall is the way to go. Add elegance and sophistication, or boldness and drama – it’s up to you, and it all depends on the stone style and colours you choose (more on this below!). You can also create a stone feature wall that matches the stone you use on your interior fireplace, which creates a bold and beautiful look while tying a room together.

Try a unique backsplash

StoneRox stone veneer can be used as a backsplash in both kitchens and bathrooms. A stone backsplash is more unique than a tile one, and provides a stunning, polished look. It’s especially nice to select a stone style and colour that has some contrast to your countertop. Design-wise, this distinction looks great.

Tip: Make sure that you seal the product if you’re using it as a backsplash and be careful in the kitchen, as StoneRox will stain if you get oil on it.

Upgrade your bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to incorporate stone because it brings warmth and a natural, comforting vibe to a space that’s meant to be relaxing. If you have a bathtub, all the better! Add stone veneer to bathroom walls and around sinks and tubs to create a luxurious and restful environment.

Try a unique application

There are countless ways that you can incorporate stone or brick veneer into your home’s interior design. Get creative and let your imagination go wild! We love the idea of adding stone to your bar so you can enjoy a cocktail in style, bringing stone into your kitchen for an edgy look – try it on the kitchen island! – or adding stone accents or pillars to your home.

Tips on integrating stone into your interior design

Choose the right style for your home

Is your home more modern, rustic or eclectic? We manufacture a variety of stone styles so you can find one that fits with the style of your home.

As Derek mentioned in The Top Stone Style and Colour Trends for 2020, modern-style homes are especially popular this year, and so the trend of linear running stone styles to match the architecture is staying strong. The stones will continue to have a smooth appearance and sharp edges. If your home is modern, styles that we carry that will match these trends are our Limestone and Urban Stack as well as our Dry Stack. Our Natural Stone also provides a modern, fresh vibe.

Looking for something more rustic and cottage-like? Try our Cobble Stone. Or something more understated? Field Stone is a great option. River Stone is another beautiful option that offers a distinctive and unique look. Want a natural, authentic look? Check out our Mountain Ledge.

Going for a funky, edgy look? Try Precision Ledge. Brick walls are also a great look that’s reminiscent of a cool urban loft. Our Thin Clay Brick Veneer has the style of a timeless and traditional brick, but it’s distinctly hip in indoor applications.

Select a colour that’s right for the space

We’ve all heard the general rule that dark colours tend to contract a space visually (making it look and feel smaller) and that light colours tend to expand a space (making it feel bigger and brighter), but the colour you choose all depends on the ambiance of a space as well as its lighting. A room with large windows that receives a lot of natural sunlight may be able to hold a darker stone or colour better than a darker basement room, for example. And beyond just space and lighting, you’ll want to choose a colour that reflects the mood and style you’re trying to create. Explore our options and choose a colour that speaks to you!

In terms of interior design trends for 2020, neutral tones are very popular this year, with the variations of greys, whites, blacks and beiges being most appealing. We have many colours that suit this trend, like our Loyalist Grey, Midnight Annex, Meaford Mist and Sandstone Beach.

To review our styles and colours more thoroughly, please check out our Products page.

Consider the rest of your home’s interior design

When you choose your stone style and colour, make sure you consider the rest of the features and finishes that are in the space you’re working with. What else will be in the room? Look at your flooring, furniture and wall colours, and make sure that your product choice reflects and complements your home’s existing features.

DIY the installation

Working with stone and brick products can seem intimidating, as they look heavy and difficult to work with. Fortunately, with StoneRox thin stone and brick veneer, this isn’t the case. Our products are lightweight and easy to work with. For interior applications, they’re especially easy to turn into a DIY project that can be done by the homeowner. If you’re thinking of installing StoneRox inside, please refer to our Installation Guide to walk you through the application step by step.

Questions, comments? Get in touch! We’re here to help and can assist you with everything from selecting a stone style and colour to installation.

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